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Nicholas County is a small rural county of 196 square miles with a population of 6,800 people located approximately 35 miles northeast of Lexington, Kentucky. Major employment within the county is found in the education, healthcare and manufacturing fields. Many residents commute to surrounding counties for employment. Farming is done on a small scale with tobacco being the main cash crop. Either one or both heads-of-household must work off the farm to help supplement the family income.

The mission of the Nicholas County Public Library is to serve the residents of Nicholas County, Kentucky with a variety of books, audios, electronic access, and reference materials through the traditional library and to furnish an outreach service by the bookmobile.

The goal of the Nicholas County Library is to provide a collection of print and non-print material that has a wide range of subjects that is relevant to the interest of our patrons of all ages. We will establish a working partnership with the local businesses and schools in helping to build a better educated and informed community.

Library Cards
Anyone may use library resources in the library. However, only registered cardholders may borrow library materials. Library card eligibility and the application process are as follows:
Adult library card
Any Nicholas County resident or property owner who is at least 18 years old may apply in person for a free library card. The application process requires presentation of a valid driver’s license or other official identification that includes a current Nicholas County residential street address. Or, a picture ID and proof of current residential street address, such as a resent bill stub or a bank check, may be used. Applicants also provide a phone number and birth date.

Children’s library card
Any Nicholas County resident under the age of 18 may obtain a free library card with the permission of a parent or legal guardian, who must also be a valid library cardholder. The parent or legal guardian completes the application form, presents a driver’s license or other official state identification that includes a current Nicholas County street address. A phone number and the child’s birth date are also provided. The parent/guardian is responsible for monitoring the child’s library use, including the appropriate use of library materials and services and insuring that materials are returned on time and in good condition.

Teacher card
Teacher cards are not issued. The library’s resources are too limited to provide classroom collections of materials. However, teachers who choose to borrow materials for their students may do so using their personal library card. Teachers are responsible for all materials they borrow for this purpose.

Expiration and renewal
At this time, library cards do not expire unless privileges have been revoked by the library staff for non return of books or over due fines.

Cardholder benefits. While anyone may use library materials, request assistance from library staff, or participate in most library programs, only cardholders in good standing may borrow library materials, reserve library materials, request materials through Interlibrary Loan, and use the library’s public computers. They also have access to services for the blind and physically handicapped.

Expectations and responsibilities. Library customers are responsible for returning all materials on time and in good condition. Failure to do so will result in fines and fees.

Library customers may have and use only one library card. A library card may only be used by the person to whom it is issued. The cardholder assumes full responsibility for all items borrowed on the card. Parents or legal guardians are also responsible for all items borrowed on their child’s card.

Cardholders are responsible for reporting lost or stolen cards. The Library assumes that the person presenting a card is the legitimate cardholder. So, anything checked out on a lost or stolen card is the responsibility of the cardholder. When a card is reported lost or stolen, the library voids the card to prevent its unauthorized use. The cost of a replacement library card is $5.00.

Cardholders must notify the library when their name, address, or phone number changes.

Suspension of privileges. Borrowing and computer privileges are suspended temporarily when a cardholder owes $5.00 or more in fines or has overdue library materials. They are suspended permanently if a cardholder does not pay fines or the cost of lost/damaged materials within a reasonable time. Using false identification or address to obtain a library card also results in permanent suspension of privileges. Violation of library policies may also result in suspension of privileges.

Materials Selection
The aim of our materials selection policy is to provide and establish a guideline by which the library staff selects, maintains, and follows in material selection. It will also serve a purpose in informing the public about the principles by which selections for the library collection are made.The following is to be considered during the materials selection process:
  • Standard review media used by public libraries such as the Library Journal and Book List.
  • Library staff and patrons recommendations.
  • Publishers review and recommendation.
  • Best sellers list of materials.
  • Addition to existing material collection.
Gifts of materials to the library's collection will be accepted by the Director. The library reserves the right to consider the material before placing it in our collection according to the type of material, condition, space available, and usefulness.

Memorial gifts to honor a person or group will be accepted by the Director within the library's guidelines. Recognition of the gift will be done by the Director in a way directed by the Library Board of Trustees.

Materials no longer useful to the library or out-of-date will be removed from the collection according to accepted professional practices. The removed material is to be placed on sale, given away, or destroyed. The library will not lower the standards of the library institution and/or individual collections by removing soiled, damaged, mediocre, or obsolete materials.

- If you have any questions, please contact the library for help.

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